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Easier interactions with physical objects and locations.

Physical Web Beacons are a new piece of open source technology. Unlike iBeacons they don't need a branded app to work, but instead broadcast a URL that appears as a notification and links straight to online content.

We've built our own platform and hardware, specifically designed to work in stores and venues, and we're giving it away to retailers and other interested parties.

So what can they do?

OmniBeacons basically push a notifcation to a device without having to have an app installed. Notifications can link to any URL - that could be your app, your website or your Facebook page, a chatbot, a VR experience - literally any kind of web content. Our platform has a few special features that we've highlighted below.

No batteries required

Our solution uses a simple plug so it'll never stop working, and won't need batteries replaced like other beacons

Multiple URLs per beacon

What's better then one notification per beacon? That's right, three notifications per beacon - straight out of the box

Dynamically change URLs

Need to change where you're sending your customers on the fly? Well, you're in charge, change them when you want

Point to non-https pages

Currently non-https traffic isn't supported on any other platform apart from ours, this means you can push anywhere

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